Weatherstation Laurierveld Hulsberg WS 4000

The Weather and other wheather releated things from Hulsberg.

Welcome at my weatherwebsite, view at our village Hulsberg.

WS 4000

Weather measurement from the weatherstation Laurierveld

The weatherstation Laurierveld (Laurel Field) in Hulsberg (South-Limburg, the Netherlands), started 50 jears after the heaviest 11-Cities Tour on skates (11-stedentocht) ever, namely the one from 18 januari 1963. The station currently provides data on temperature, humidity, air pressure, precipitation (not during periods of frost), snow and wind. Further data on the lunar phase, sunrise and sunset. The data will be updated every five minutes on this site.

Below already the outside temperatures, wind gust, wind speed and the amount of rainfall at the Laurierveld of the last few hours.

WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000

WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000 WS 4000

Weather Forecast for Laurierveld

Weather forecast from Meteo Consult and the expectation of rain from HydroNet, Witteveen en Bos for the next few hours for Hulsberg:

het weer WS 4000

What has to do with the weather....

The continuation of the 11-Cities Tour, a beachholliday in Zeeland, nice outdoor photos, snowheights in the ski areas, no rain when you go whith your bike to work. For the latter a direct link to the Dutch rainfallradar with the expected rainfall 2 hours ahead.


Data from weather Laurel Field are among others used in the weather networks:

Het Weer Actueel, a Dutch-based network of amateur weather stations in the Netherlands and Belgium and the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), a company based in the USA, a network from thousands of private weather stations around the world.


Links to other weatherstations and sites that have a relationship with the weather.

There are worldwide and in the Netherlands many weatherstations on the web asset. Some simple and other very professional. Also there are many sites whose content is clearly affected by the weather. If 11-Cities Tour fanatic I give the example of the site of the "Royal Society the Frisian Eleven Cities". Behind the button "Weather Links" you find sites of weatherstations and weather influenced sites that I find interesting with a short description. The button "Natural ice weather", takes you to the part of the site where you find directly important data related with natural skating ice in the Netherlands.

And further...

Webcams from around the world, including (regional) Warnings from weatherstations related to expected weather conditions, in due course some facts about the South Limburg village Hulsberg and natural you find information about the Technique of the weatherstation Laurierveld.